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Get ready for lots of fun with this tabletop Monopoly "without a dashboard"! Fill your Money Launcher (and Bank) with Monopoly notes, and blast your money and Order cards into the air. Everyone will be in a hurry to grab as much money as they can. Collect Command cards that add strategy to..
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Work together, build and run to grab the crown! The game Jenga Maker is a fun version of the classic game Jenga. Players are divided into teams and run to build their own Jenga object with the wooden blocks. One member of the team describes the layout shown on the card and, based only on his descrip..
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Young and old alike can experience the excitement together in this version of the Taboo game. The game includes 2 bundles of cards designed especially for children, with the well-known word Guess and only 2 forbidden words on each card. Players fight against the hourglass as they give information to..
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Table Guess Who? Junior, a feature discovery game that grows with you!..
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The Cluedo conspiracy game is the new role-playing and suspicion-shifting game. As a guest at the luxurious Black Adder Resort, you discover that someone (and maybe you) wants to kill his manager, Mr. Coral. A number of deadly traps have been planted throughout the resort and some are armed. Now you..
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The cooperative board game Avalon Hill Diplomacy is a game of negotiation, cunning and deception. By making agreements and building alliances, you will expand your empire in Europe before World War I. You will have to watch your back as you make and shoot deals, unravel treasonous conspiracies, nego..
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Plasticine helps develop fine motor skills in children. With this plasticine, by Hasbro, the child will be engaged in a creative way, while developing his ingenuity, imagination and motor skills. Made of non-toxic materials, it becomes safe for children. Packed in a jar, in which it can be repositio..
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Stock up on these amazing bracelets and go on adventures with your best friend! Open the package, put the bracelets on a surface and fasten the modern, colorful tiles on them. Get inspiration for designs from the packaging or create your own design. Add the trendy printed tiles to match your persona..
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The Acrylic Painting Workshop is the ideal set for children to learn to paint with the technique of acrylic. Draw paintings on canvas on the included wooden easel and bring preprinted drawings to life. It is suitable for children who have their first experience with the acrylic technique, as it cont..
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A cute doggie is gone! Can your little hero help the policeman find the lost pet? This versatile playset includes an exciting rescue mission, a cute animal and a policeman on a motorcycle, enhancing preschoolers' motor skills as they recreate the real-life adventures of an everyday hero...
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Fasten your seat belt and get ready for exciting firefighting missions with the LEGO® City Fire Rescue Helicopter! Quickly take your fire helmets and detection binoculars out of the glove compartment, step into the cockpit and start the propellers to take off. Reach the rescue sites in record ti..
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