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Ταξίδι, γραφή, αναπαράσταση

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Ταξίδι, γραφή, αναπαράσταση
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How should an 18th century traveller feed, observe and write? How much does a trip to the Holy Land cost in the Age of Enlightenment? Who is the mysterious Athanasius who hires nineteen-year-old Rousseau as his secretary? What does a French merchant know about Madame Tyanitis and the opium addict doctor Scarlato Karatzas? What were the confinement institutions in the eastern Mediterranean like in 1786? How does a travel description become a ticket to England? Who is the elegant Isaacbeis that Konstantinos Karatzas hears about in Berlin? How does an ambassador cause a new tirade? Which texts are hidden in the Corfiot Archaeologies of Eugene Voulgaris? How does a French Catholic critic see women in a Turkish bath? How many victims were there in the Aegean plague epidemics in the 18th century? How did the trulli of St Lazarus in Larnaca disappear? What does the genius Patrona Jalil have in common with the Neapolitan Mazaniello? The studies in this volume do not only answer these questions. Through interdisciplinary approaches to forgotten or unknown texts of travel literature, they investigate travel in Greece and the Ottoman Empire as a phenomenon, the conditions under which it took place and the attempts to normalize it study the typology, "poetics" and reception of travel texts examine representations of the 'Other' and their relationship to collective identities, and use travel literature as a source for cultural history, the history of concepts and ideas, the history of everyday life, historical demography and archaeology.

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