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Συμβουλές για μικρά κορίτσια

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Συμβουλές για μικρά κορίτσια
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Mark Twain, the author of the famous Hackberry Finn, was perhaps one of the most scintillating minds in world literature over the last two centuries, especially for his subversive, humorous take on reality. In 1865, at a time when in children's books the heroes were exemplary, proper girls and boys, Twain, having surely noticed, perhaps from his own family, how children deal with the river of admonitions given to them by adults, writes this seemingly "didactic" text of advice to little ladies, which with its undercurrent of humour, his sarcasm, it actually brings to the surface the strategies that children, growing up, use to justify their mischief. Parents who will read the book with their children - this is recommended, because the text is not only addressed to children, but also because this way the children will be able to better understand the subtle irony of the text - will do so with a smile, as it will certainly remind them of themselves some decades ago. The "unconventional" illustrations of the book follow the spirit of the author. Vladimir Radunsky designed the book and masterfully illustrated the text, creating the visual impression of the classic children's scrapbook, where the child draws, notes, engraves, or glues, in no strict order, whatever interests him or whatever comes to mind. Tips for Little Girls is among the 13 best picture books of 2013 (Brain Pickings' Top 13 Children's, Illustrated, and Picture Books of 2013).

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