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The homosexuality of his young son Manolis will look like an April Fool's joke to Anestis Tavoularis. But he will give priority to love! A few hours later, Manolis' twin sister, Irini, will find their father dead in the stable. The accomplished policewoman Anna Dervisi, sent from Athens, will take over the investigation of the case, with the help of her close associate, Kyriakos Livadinos, they will search for explanations from Gastouni to Vartholomio and from Zacharo to Lake Kaiafa.

The victims will increase! The demonic mind of Anna will search for the motives of the murder in old diary pages....With well-directed action he will find the end of the thread, but it will be too late!

And just when she's at ground zero, new clues will surface like bubbles from faces that have struggled to drown secrets, grievances and repressions in the sea of their youth. 

I wonder if Anna will give land and water to the killer's maraze, or will she be caught in a vortex by his figure determined to do everything?

A story that confirms that what the landlord knows, the whole world does not know.

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PublisherBy the Book
Publishing CountryGreece
CategoryCrime Literature