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Τραγούδια του έρωτα και της βροχής

Τραγούδια του έρωτα και της βροχής BOOKS
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Τραγούδια του έρωτα και της βροχής
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"- Tell us, why should we buy Songs of Love and Rain? - Because, if you don't, you will always be left wondering if you should have bought them, and when, in the middle of a midsummer week, you look out the window and see the books you have read, you will think of those "Songs of Love and Rain" that, incomprehensibly, you decided not to buy. "Cersei Pamies The sophisticated prose and concise language of Cersei Pamies' short stories seek a balance between poignant humor, vitality and melancholy. These are the tools that the author uses once again in "Songs of Love and Rain" in order to dive into the stagnant waters of love, the dependence on inherited memory, the pain of the absent and the pleasure of writing without knowing if there is a line between fiction and autobiography. The power and intensity of Pamies' style is the most effective vehicle for navigating emotions and thoughts about the vulnerability of human beings and the most absurd rituals of adulthood. With this book, Sergi Pamies confirms his position as one of the best contemporary Spanish short story writers.

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