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When the writer Dinos Yfantis, under the pseudonym Agis Ierofantis, gave a publisher a summary of his novel, he never imagined that he would get into adventures with unexpected situations: real, imaginary, intellectual, erotic. And that he would be under pressure: not to write his book, but not to write it and instead to write another one, the opposite of what he believed and intended. . . At first his anxiety was that he might not be able to write it because of a health problem that left him no room to live beyond a few months, confusing his mind. So much so that he thinks or imagines that he sees (not only in his sleep) the Devil! However, if he could write this "other" book (serving an earthly "God"), he would become well and famous all over the world. But what was this "other" book? Who would it benefit, who would it harm? Will Hierophant sell his soul or will he refuse to write it and die? Now, if this novel reminds you a little bit of Goethe's Faust, that's okay. One is Goethe's Faust and the Devil and the other is this book. . .

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