The novel by Eleni Maroudi "Prince Asgar and the hidden beasts" was released by Diannoia Publications.

Everyone in this world is waiting for a hero. We all have a hero. But usually no one knows him and when they find him they are afraid of him. Maybe he's a little afraid himself until he discovers his powers.
So that day in that ruined house, and on Feoch's night, Prince Asgar discovered his power for the first time. His body burned, he felt on fire from the marks that were etched when they wanted to warn him or show him the next step. His dreams exhausted him every time, they seemed so real. "Why me? Am I the only one or not?"
We all hide a monster inside of us, or rather an animal. But what animal is ready to take half his own form and half human and is ready to fight for the good of his kingdom, for the good of his people? The Mutatios, the Belanadirs and the Avenkis will stand by the gold and blue dragon, the panthers, the tigers and the wolves will save the pearls...
"I may not be the hero after all, but I'm definitely something and I'm going to find out!"