I had the pleasure and the honour to attend the presentation of Mary Karambati-Kolovou's new book "Mirroring" which took place on 21 June 2023 at "Thesis" in Monastiraki. I would like to say a big thank you for the great honor the author gave me to talk about her book. When I read it I felt all the emotions. I was moved by the story of Grandpa Angelos, I laughed with Noda, and I felt nostalgic with the first love. I was angry with the story of Sophia and the voice that was silenced, and I remembered with love the things of my own grandmother, and I was touched with spring and felt sadness for the love that went unrequited.

Each story of Mary's reflections is also a story with a moral. About love, loss, selfishness, abuse and second chances. About the nostalgia that hits us when we think of a loved one or when we remember a beautiful moment from our memory bank. About how easily we often judge people without knowing what lies behind their silence or coldness, and about how willing we are to give a second chance. About the injustice that life hides, but also about its beauty. For the other us that speaks to us and sometimes we don't listen.

Each story could easily be a story of our own, as I'm sure we all have had a similar experience or heard something similar in our circle. Each hero or heroine could be us. Mirror images are stories of the soul, and the author has found the right way to reach our own soul and fill it with beauty and

You can order the book from our website.