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A rickety table, a few wood or pencil typefaces, a press like the one Gutenberg might have used: this is the workshop of José Francisco Borges in the village of Beseros in the northeastern Brazilian interior. Smell of ink and wood. The bales and wooden plates are waiting for their turn, while the fresh engravings, which have just taken shape, are drying, hanging on the wires. I'm going to his workshop to suggest we work together. I explain my plan: his pictures, his prints, and my words. He's silent. I am still talking, talking, explaining. And he, nothing. And this continues, until I suddenly realize that my words are missing music. I blow on a broken flute. What is not born cannot be explained, cannot be perceived: you feel it, you feel it pulsating, only when it shakes. Then I stop explaining and start narrating. I tell him the stories of the exciting and the terrible that I have gathered and want to record, the voices of all those I have encountered along the way, the dreams I have had awake, delusional events and delusions that have come true, the wandering words I have found, or that have found me. I tell him the stories, and that's how this book was born. Words travel: a special, "magical" book by Eduardo Galeano, where the first word is not History, but Myth.

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