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How should an 18th century traveller feed, observe and write? How much does a trip to the Holy Land cost in the Age of Enlightenment? Who is the mysterious Athanasius who hires nineteen-year-old Rousseau as his secretary? What does a French merchant know about Madame Tyanitis and the opium addict do..
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A high school teacher, angry with the world, decides to end his life. Meticulous and calm, he has chosen the date: in one year. Until then he will write every night, in the apartment he shares with his dog Pepa and with a library that he gradually gets rid of, a personal chronicle, hard and poignant..
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The monsters of Greek mythology speak for themselves. Don't be afraid of them. Meet them. The Sphinx knows many riddles. He asks the passers-by and waits for them to find the solution. And they would do well to think before they answer. For woe to anyone who does not give the right answer. The M..
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In the course of our lives we "play" three basic roles: child, lover, and parent. In this game, companionship and separation are experiences that cause emotion in both body and psyche because they involve persons or events of importance with whom we develop relationships. Humans out of fea..
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