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greek proseliteraturebest sellersby the bookbooksStamo, the submissive girl of Mani, is transformed by the power of love and a baby. Under the shadow of Taygetos. Mysterious crimes, majestic waltzes and a fire that sweeps everything away. In Ulysses' life, in Vienna. Many unspoken secrets and a ..
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greek prose literature best sellers by the book books A small province, dominated by the husband and the mother-in-law. Girls who dream of marriage from a young age and grow up to be oppressed women, exhausted by work and bitter. It is in this society that Emilia will find herself, le..
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historical novel literature best sellers by the book books Three of the seven gates of the city were now occupied and the slaves, the hungry, the bloody, the exhausted, were kneeling on their knees to the beast, they were invading Tripolitsa. "Where are you going, Bre Nicola, alo..
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greek prose literature best sellers by the book books "Illegal Love" is a story of erotic passion that takes place in the village of Dafnila, near Dassia, a few kilometers from Corfu town, and as often happens, it ends in tragedy. A large part of the narrative is made up of ..
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foreignliteraturebest sellersby the bookbooks"NOW A MAJOR GOLDEN GLOBE-WINNING NETFLIX SERIES 'Superb' Time Out 'Mesmerizing' Newsweek 'Gripping' Financial Times 'Sheer entertainment. It is a book I reread every few years - for the pure pleasure and skill of it' ..
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foreignliteraturerecommendationsbest sellersby the bookbooks"'The political thriller of the decade' Lee Child 'A bullet train of a thriller' A.J. Finn 'A first-rate collaboration... Engrossing from page one' David Baldacci 'This book moves like Air Force One. Big and..
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Little Max disappeared a year ago.Only the perpetrator knows exactly what happened to the boy. He has already confessed to two heinous murders of children, but now he is imprisoned in the maximum security wing of a mental hospital and refuses to talk.There is only one way for Max's father to fin..
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1941. Greece groans under the harsh German Occupation, and so do the inhabitants of a small Aegean island: Leda, a young widow, banished with her daughter from the local community grandfather, the old man who has taken her under his protection- the mighty Marcus, who does not shrink from danger, but..
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How did an insignificant ape become the ruler of planet Earth, able to split the atom, fly to the moon and manipulate the genetic code of life? Yuval Noah Harari invites us to see the big picture and the crazy side of the story - explaining why we are all trapped in the dreams of the dead! Along wit..
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What can a former American president and a rock star have in common? How can their traumatic childhood memories bring them together? What did their youthful nightmares look like and how did they manage to get rid of them? Is it possible to emerge better from a painful emotional situation, to exorcis..
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foreign literature best sellers by the book books "'A return to Hislop's thyme-scented, Aegean-lapped fictional Greece' The Sunday Times Beloved author Victoria Hislop returns to Crete in this long-anticipated sequel to her multi-million-copy Number One bestseller, Th..
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foreign best sellers by the book books Mortals and Monsters. Quests and Adventures . . . ___________ There are Heroes - and then there are Greek Heroes. Few mere mortals have ever embarked on such bold and heart-stirring adventures, overcome myriad monstrous perils, or outwitted scheming..
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