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Το συνειδητό αυτί

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Το συνειδητό αυτί
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The Conscious Ear describes the personal journey of Professor Alfred Tomatis, from his humble birth to his international recognition and acclaim. This journey begins with the environment in which he spent his childhood and shaped his personality and continues with the school and university period and the war years, which had such an impact on him. This was followed by his unremitting work as an ear, nose and throat doctor and at the same time his dedication to researching the phenomena associated with the amazing properties of the ear. He clearly presents and explains his extraordinary discoveries about the wondrous world of the ear and the effects they have on our lives and the lives of our children. From his narrative we will understand the factors that played a decisive role in the evolution of his work, until the peak of his career, when his work was embraced by people in dozens of countries, where the well-known centres where his theories and techniques were applied for the good of humanity were created. The ear, according to Professor Tomatis, is a communication organ that connects humans with the environment "interactively", i. e. the environment influences the ear (and by extension the whole organism) by sending stimuli, but the ear, for its part, chooses the type of stimuli that will be transmitted to the brain and recorded by the organism. It is not about passive reception of sound signals, as classical medicine believes, but about active "conscious" participation in the surrounding world - the ear is a communication cursor that on the one hand uses the stimuli of the environment for the good functioning and well-being of the organism and on the other hand protects it from harmful and unwanted stimuli that often affect humans negatively.

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