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Όλα είναι παρεξήγηση
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"It's all a misunderstanding. " With this quote from Samuel Beckett to Theodor Adorno in 1969, the cycle of the meeting between two men that was to play its own special role in the history of philosophical aesthetics came full circle. Adorno sought in art a minimal place of resistance ..
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Ζωηφόρος κοινωνία
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Man's communion with God, himself, his fellow man and nature. Marriage and monasticism, spirituality and religious tolerance, exercise and sickness, education and art, human change and the institution of society, universal brotherhood and universal unity, are the subjects dealt with in this book..
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Ένας τόπος, τόσος δα. Μια σταλιά. Χώρα, σπίτι, πατρίδα. Προορισμός και ρίζα. Μέσα του, ψυχές μεγάλες’ τόσες: να! Μια άγρια αμυγδαλιά πάνω από το κεφάλι μου και μια ελιά πιο δίπλα. θα φάω, θα πιω, θα ζεσταθώ. Και σκιά το καλοκαίρι. Να τη κι η θάλασσα! Να την ατενίζω, να μ’ αγκαλιάζει πότε..
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